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  • Auckland, NZ


Cost of service is based on travel cost, onsite hourly rate, post processing hourly rate.

Commercial photography

We specialize in photography of commercial facilities, warehouses, commercial systems and equipment installations, equipment and hardware photographic documentation, construction including timelapse, and other related services.

Aerial photography/videography

We provide services in aerial photography/video of construction sites, buildings, schools, land blocks, and other facilities. We offer visual building inspections, crane inspections, real estate photography and videography, and other applications. We use commercial-grade drones: 4K resolution, 60fps video.

Product photography

We provide services in photography of products, packaging, food, etc.

Real estate photography

We provide services in typical real estate photography and videography. Residential and commercial applications.


We provide services in videography for real estate, commercial applications, construction, other related. 4K resolution, 60fps, stereo audio, gyroscopic stabilization.